New subscription plans to get you swapping in no time! 

by 23 Dec 2021How to travel often for less?

Since 2018, Holiday Swap has set out to make our users’ in-app experiences as seamless as possible. To make traveling even easier, our team has developed innovative features created with our users in mind. Users are able to chat with each other in their own language through our in-app translations. They are making communication a breeze – no matter the language spoken. Our MyMaps feature allows travelers to share their best local tips, giving you the freedom to start exploring even faster. Today, with the Holiday Swap App you can swap your space or be a guest in more than 185 countries. Also, you have access to more than 1 million contacts worldwide. It allows you to create your unique travel experiences, for a fee of just $1 per night, per person.

The world’s best home swapping platform just got easier with the launch of Holiday Swap’s subscription plans. We’re making travel more simple, secure, affordable, and fun for our users. Our plans will give you the power of swapping to make staying anywhere in the world as easy as dreaming of a holiday ? . So, make sure to check them out!

With the subscription plans, your Holiday Swap experience will change for the better!

That’s because the new Holiday Swap subscription features are on air to provide the functionality users asked for. We at Holiday Swap, listening to you care about what you want, and we are excited to introduce the added ability to:

  • Message 10 Unmatched Users Daily
  • Increased Space Visibility
  • Guarantee to Protect Your Trip

If you have already subscribed, you no longer have to wait to match to try and set up your next swapping or guest experience. It is a win-win for swappers and users in general who want to get their “swapping” experience as quick and easy as possible.

In addition, to send messages to unmatched users, you will also be able to swap as many times as you like, for you and 1 guest! That’s right, subscribed users will be able to book as many swaps as they want for themselves and a friend. Not ready to commit yet?

Get started with a 2 week trial for free

You will have 14 days to use the platform and start getting in touch with other like-minded travelers around the world.

Subscription plans come with added security, which means no more security deposits. Now you can swap your place with confidence! We are adding a Property Damage Guarantee that is a part of our checkout/payment process. In this way, you can protect your space for just $5 per night, per swap/host. That means if you exchange swaps/hosts for 5 nights a total of $25 added to the booking and we will cover your space against incidentals like damage or theft. We are also adding a Trip Cancellation Guarantee for just $30 per trip, which covers up to $500 in case of a last-minute cancellation.

Overall, the best thing about these new features, is how easy it is for you to get full access to our platform and be part of a community. It is all about making travel more accessible for everyone!

Make sure to check them out for yourself! Learn more below you can find more information that will help you get started and connect with +1,000,000 fellow travelers.  


Struggling to Find the Perfect Stay?

Planning your trip just got easier with Holiday Swap!

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