4 Non-Smoking Alternatives for When You’re Travelling

by 10 Aug 2022How to travel often for less?

Smokers usually need to take extra steps while travelling. Health and safety measures have tightened around the world, and for house swapping especially cleanliness and safety is paramount. For one, a new company policy based on CDC guidelines mandates that homes open to guests need to be thoroughly disinfected and aired out. This can make smoking cigarettes inconvenient for both hosts and visiting swappers.

Thankfully, there are plenty of non-smoking nicotine products that allow for easier clean up! Below, we’ve listed out four alternatives that you can use on any trip.




Unlike vapes, inhalers are completely smoke free and do not require electricity to burn tobacco. This makes them a safe option to bring onto planes, and into countries that have banned e-cigarettes such as Australia, Canada, and Norway. And because nicotine inhalers like the Nicorette Inhalator are only available via prescription and don’t emit harmful vapour, they’re sometimes even allowed on public transport.

Inhalers mimic the hand-to-mouth action of a real cigarette that many smokers tend to crave. Popular oxygen inhaler Quitgo Inhaler even includes a soft tip chewable mouth grip to help relieve stress or anxiety, while being tobacco and nicotine free at the same time.

Nicotine lozenges


Nicorette is also popularly known for their lozenges, which can pass as regular candy. This is a great option for being discreet in places like the public parks of Costa Rica, where smoking is banned and even alternatives like the inhaler may get a side eye from locals.

The non-smoking alternative has multiple flavours, just like actual candy. The recently released coated ice mint lozenge of Nicorette is its first major new product in 10 years, and has a smoother texture than the other cinnamon or fruit flavoured lozenges.

Nicotine pouches


Nicotine pouches carry a wide range of flavours as well. Similar to lozenges, the pouch is kept inside your mouth. However, they are only held in between the gums and lip, where they release doses of nicotine for a smoke, spit, and even stain-free experience.

Popular flavours include berry and citrus, but brands like Velo do have unique options such as dragon fruit. The On! pouches available at Prilla also offer flavourless original pouches that deliver the pure taste of nicotine. This is especially great for when you’re travelling to countries that have banned flavoured products, such as Ethiopia or Uganda.

All travellers need to do is select their dose of 3mg to 12mg of nicotine, pack the pouches snugly into carry ons, and freely use them in smoke-free zones before properly disposing of them afterwards.

Nicotine patches


If oral solutions aren’t your cup of tea, you may want to consider nicotine patches, labelled by some experts to be the smoothest in terms of nicotine delivery. Heavy smokers may best benefit from the NicoDerm CQ patch, which can provide up to 43 mg and is equipped with Extended Release SmartControl Technology.

As a topical yet waterproof solution, these are best for the active travellers who like to explore the outdoors. They’re discreet too, so you can enjoy your nicotine boost while playing beach sports on the smoke-free beaches of Barcelona, Spain.

With the variety of non-smoking alternatives out there, smokers can travel without concerns about nicotine restrictions weighing them down. Make sure to stay updated on the latest international regulations for safe travels from the wildlands of Australia to the villages of Astypalea of Greece, and make the most of house swaps and budding friendships while you’re at it!

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