Holiday Swap App Guide

by 30 May 2021How to travel often for less?

Holiday Swap is best described as the love child of Airbnb and Tinder. The app has the familiarity of swiping left and right on dating platforms, but instead of finding your potential soul mate and someone to kill a few hours with, you are matching with homes around the world and using your bed as your ticket to travel. You’ll literally be catching flights not feelings.

Holiday Swap was founded by James Asquith who holds the Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to travel to every sovereign nation. The most popular question that people had for him was, how could you afford to travel? James wanted to expand the possibility for anyone to travel and created Holiday Swap to cut the high cost of accommodation and break down traditional travel barriers. Today, Holiday Swap is active in 185 countries, so how can you use the app to travel more? After creating a profile for free, you can use our platform to swap homes, be a host or guest and make incredible social connections around the world. The only fee we charge is $1 per bed per night.

Traditional Swap

After you start swiping for your next holiday on our app, you will soon start matching with people from around the world. When you match with another user you can both have a quick conversation to make sure you’re on the same page and then figure out dates to travel using our in-app calendar. You can either swap at the same time or on different dates. A traditional swap just means you will be swapping with each other at some point that works best for both of you.

Host or be a Guest

If you don’t opt for a traditional swap, you can either be a host or a guest. To be a host, you don’t have to be physically present when your guest is at your place. Either way, you will receive credits in return for hosting another user. You can use these credits for future travel so that you don’t have to pay anything on your next trip. Guests still only pay $1 per bed per night to stay with a host. But there are no plans for the host to stay at the guest’s property. This is a great option for globetrotters.

Make Social Connections

If you’re not ready to hop on a plane or train, don’t worry! Keep swapping and make social connections around the world that you can always come back to. If you have always dreamed about going to Hawaii or Brazil, match with people in those locations. Our platform is designed for people to make friendships worldwide. Don’t speak the same languages? Don’t worry! Our in-app messaging system will simultaneously translate your messages to the language your app is set to. You can also use our in-app maps that allow users to share their favorite local tips or best travel finds.


Holiday Swap, one world, one app – explore it!

 Download our app here and swipe right to travel more.

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