Holiday Swap Made Travel Cheaper For Everyone

by 18 Feb 2022How to travel often for less?

By: James Asquith, CEO & Founder of Holiday Swap.

In just two years Holiday Swap has grown to become the second-largest home swapping platform in the world. Now in 185 countries, the concept allows users to swap or host their accommodation for just $1 per bed each night. Because users aren’t profiting or subletting it means that everyone can use Holiday Swap to travel cheaper by reducing high accommodation costs and spend more money on flights and tours.

“The platform is now being used by over a million users across 185 countries in the world.”

We have seen the platform grow so rapidly over the last two years because literally, anyone can use it. Whether you rent just a room in a shared house or a whole villa, whatever you have is what you can Swap or be hosted around the world which is really exciting.

We are a true sharing economy platform that is one of the ‘top 20 companies for social good’ in Forbes andThe Best Home Sharing Platform’ by LUX Life Magazine this year. This is a clear demonstration of the problem we are trying to solve, which is allowing all of us to use our bed as our ticket to travel around the world.

Imagine just paying for a flight and then using the rest of the money on tours and actually exploring a destination, rather than just a bed to sleep in. The concept of Holiday Swap is very exciting for our users. Everyone can make new connections and friendships around the world, with your room or property serving as your profile essentially. In this way, you will be able to travel cheaper with Holiday Swap!

“When you match with like-minded travelers it’s completely your decision not only who you match with and where you stay, but when.”

If you start chatting to someone on the other side of the world and then decide you don’t want to swap, that’s ok. If you match with many different people and properties in the hope that in the future you will travel to all the amazing destinations and connections you now have than that’s also how some users utilize Holiday Swap.

We also find that when users are signing up for Holiday Swap they are loving the fact that we offer so many discounts and giveaways for our users. Through collaborations with airlines, users are able to not only find the best flight deals and things to do around the world but enter into the many giveaways we have for free first-class flights and round-the-world trips.

The next 6 months will be very exciting as we offer users even more options around the world to be able to travel more and save a lot of money.

“Asia is a huge area for us to expand and we are offering users in Asia more options around the world with the USA and Europe being our largest markets.”

So if you have a house in Malaysia, you can use that to go and travel to places like London, Los Angeles, and New York, and not spend money on expensive accommodation.

The money that users can save put towards buying a flight and seeing all those destinations we all dream about.

Our platform is incredibly easy to use and everyone can match and chat in whatever language they like around the world. We really wanted to create Holiday Swap to make connections and travel cheaper, and more seamless, so it has been incredible to have recently won the best new app awards.

Holiday Swap is free to download and use so if you want to travel a lot more and save money doing it, then you should certainly check out our free app.

Follow more of James’ travels and adventures on @jamesasquith on Instagram.

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