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by 19 Sep 2022How to travel often for less?

While planning a vacation, accommodation might be a huge issue, and in this article, we will try to solve that issue for you!

First, why should you book a vacation house instead of just booking a hotel room? There are many reasons; for starters, you can save a lot of money while you have more space. Why would you pay tons of money to be cooped up in a hotel room? The second reason is the joy of staying with your group of friends and your pet. In hotels, we do not get a chance to stay together and sometimes bring our pets. The third reason is cooking and laundry. You will have a space to cook; if you are into cooking your meals with local ingredients. Also, you will have an opportunity to wash your clothes however you want, which is a great plus since you won’t have to bring too many clothes with you and have a lot of space in your suitcase for souvenirs. The fourth and last reason is accessibility and locality. Home swaps are more accessible compared to hotels since they can be found everywhere. And maybe the best feature of home swaps is the locality. You get to live like the locals while exploring the new country. 

If you are convinced to book a home swaps, now let’s get into the details of how to do it. The most crucial part is finding the best option for you. You should find a home for your needs, and to find that, you have several steps to trace. 

First, decide what you want.

Before beginning your home search, you should first evaluate all of your demands. It involves figuring out the population and other requirements. For instance, if you enjoy the beach, look for a rental home nearby. You could simply visit the beach anytime you want and your commuting time would be reduced. Before proceeding, you should determine the preferences of the entire family or group. Check off any other house amenities you require. Know what you need for life, whether it be a pool or a spacious kitchen, and then start looking.

Second, choose a platform to rent.

There are several internet listings services that can simplify your search. You should browse for websites that list the locations’ amenities. It will enable you to focus your search and create a small list of possibilities. There are also many alternatives like websites/apps that can even find you a better deal, such as Holiday Swap! is best described as a cross between Airbnb and Tinder. The app is similar to swiping left and right on dating platforms, but instead of finding a potential soul mate and someone to kill a few hours with, you match with homes all over the world and use your bed as your ticket to travel. You’ll be catching flights rather than emotions. You have tonnes of options in any country with Holiday Swap. You can swap and book the house whenever you decide to travel. Holiday Swap App may provide alternatives that fit your budget while guaranteeing that they meet all of your requirements. So, to locate possibilities, search online for listings and take a look at the home exchange offers too. If any of your friends or family have visited the area, you might also ask them if they have any ties.

Third, learn more about home that you will swap.

After you’ve narrowed down your choices, research the the location thoroughly. You should search for any internet testimonials, comments, or other sources that might inform you. If you aren’t there yet, ask the host to give you the necessary information. You’ll be able to see more clearly than from internet images. Do not only depend on internet images because they may have been altered. Always request a virtual tour before making a decision. Ask someone you know who lives nearby to visit and have a look if they haven’t already. It will assist in determining any damages or items that are not immediately apparent on call.

Fourth, learn more about your host. 

If you are going to follow the exchange path, always request for more photos, more detailed photos to make sure it is the house you want, so you won’t regret later. With HolidaySwap you can talk to you host whenever you want about the details and learn more about the area and where to visit to make your holiday better. 

Fifth, decide whether to book early or wait.

You must next decide whether to make your reservations as soon as possible or later. In the end, the choice is yours, but we think that making a reservation as soon as possible is the best approach to guarantee that you receive the vacation home you want for the dates you choose. When the winter holidays are done, the majority of our visitors prefer to start making plans for their summer vacation, but some of them want to start even earlier. The beachfront and riverside homes are the most sought-after properties, so if being on the water is vital to you, you should book your appointment as soon as you can. Remember that reservations are already booking up quickly for the main holidays (such as July 4th and Labor Day). Last but not least, making a reservation early has financial advantages since, when you do so directly with us, you have 60 days to make your final payment. Thus, if you make a reservation in the middle of December for a trip that begins in the middle of August, the balance won’t be due until June.

After following these steps, your dream vacation can start in the right vacation rental of your dreams!

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