Food is one of the most important factors to consider when planning a holiday. For some, it may even be the ultimate goal to visit a new place. Finding where to eat may be a bit of a challenge, especially for the foodies. Local cuisines, delicious street food, and many more are waiting to be tried. If you want to plan your next destination based on food, what we call a gastronomic adventure, you have come to the right place! We offer you nine places you should consider for a gastronomic adventure.

1-Italy, Tuscany

When we mention food, your mind may straightly go to İtaly; ours sure do! Freshly made pasta, world-renowned pizza, creamy gelato, delicious risotto, gnocchi, lasagna, and many, many more are expecting you in this piece of food-heaven country. In Tuscany, where the vineyards lay as far as the eye can see, you can sip your local wine while eating fresh pasta.

2- France, Paris

The Eiffel Tower and the streets of Paris may amaze you, but you should not forget that France is a food country. When planning your next destination based on food, you should not miss the capital of Western cooking. Croissants, a national symbol, escargots, macarons, onion soup, freshly baked bread, eclairs, and last but least, the stinkier, the better French cheese! These are enough reasons to book a trip to France now- remember to go on an empty stomach!

3-Mexico, Mexico City

Colorful, spicy, and most importantly, mouth-watering meals await in Mexico. The capital of the country offers great choices of local foods made with locally sourced ingredients. Starting your mourning with Chilaquiles, you are filled up to explore the city. You can grab a quick bite and have some of the flavourful Tacos Al Pastor for lunch. If you get snacky in the middle of the day, don’t forget to try Chicharrónes, they are tasty and filling. End of a tiring day, you can get Tamales with a steaming hot Atole and have the best ending for a great day.


4-Caribbean, Dominica

Dominica, a Caribbean Island, is the next culinary destination. This island has volcanoes, sea caves, rivers, and cliffs, although it isn’t as well known for its beach culture as some other islands are. Many regional cuisines include island-grown tropical fruits like guava and pineapple. Aside from yams, plantains, and curries, Dominica is known for its fresh fish and other regional specialties. Do not forget to eat a lot of seafood, stews, sandwiches, and rice.

5- Japan, Tokyo

The thing ‘Big in Japan’ is its cuisine! This lively and big city offers plenty of local foods to try. Visitors can discover fantastic high-end and informal dining options here and highly specific themed eateries. Omurice, sushi, soba noodles, Fukagawa-meshi, and Monjayaki, are just the tip of the iceberg. You should at least spend a week exploring this city. Here is the travel guide for Tokyo, don’t forget to send us your best Tokyo pics.

6-USA, California

Travelers have high expectations while visiting San Francisco because it has a longstanding reputation for innovative cuisine. This is the perfect location to sample regional wines, farm-fresh produce, and organic, pretty much everything! San Francisco cuisine is distinctive for its high-quality ingredients and artistic atmosphere. Just bear in mind that many of these culinary delights are expensive. Asian, Hispanic, and Fusion cuisines help create California’s rich and diversified cuisine.

7-Croatia, Istria

One of those lesser-known travel locations is Croatia, which is a surprising top destination for foodies. Given Croatia’s eclectic past, it shouldn’t be surprising that the country’s culinary scene is so diverse. Cheese, pork, noodles, and fruity drinks are some of Croatia’s most popular traditional meals. The border region between Slovenia and Italy is called Istria, and it boasts some top-notch traditional cuisine. Due to the region’s geographic location, seafood is extremely well-liked here.

8-Spain, Catalunya

One of those areas is Catalonia, where you may find an amazing variety of unusual goods, dishes, and meals. Catalonia has an extremely sophisticated culinary tradition. Each of the minor regions of Catalunya has its own distinctive cuisine that other regions of Catalunya don’t have, in addition to having certain goods that you won’t find in other parts of Spain. You will undoubtedly become fully absorbed in the vibrant culinary culture there as a foodie. You couldn’t ignore it, not even if you wanted to. They are so much of what they eat.

9-Turkey, İstanbul

This historic and beautiful city offers the rich culture of Turkey to its visitors, along with thousands of places to visit. While visiting historical places, museums, and natural beauties, do not pass on the food. Turkish cuisine involves the world-renowned baklava and its different variations, more than 100 types of kebabs, lahmacun, which is typically called ‘Turkish Pizza,’ and many more delicacies special for Turkey. This gastronomic-heaven country promises its visitors never to leave the country with an empty stomach.

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