Short Term Rentalz’ recent article featuring Holiday Swap explores the developments of home exchange and home-sharing platforms in the wake of COVID-19. Also, the article mentions how Holiday Swap is disrupting the traditional travel industry.

Holiday Swap is the “Best Home Sharing Platform” of 2020 according to Lux Life Magazine. We are proud of the work our team has put in to grow this platform to what it is today. We are happy to be recognized as a leader in the home exchange market. Author Paul Stevens writes:

“As Airbnb and other OTAs such as and Expedia feel the full  effects of the economic downturn precipitated by Covid-19. Holiday Swap is experiencing a boom in new subscribers. This will fuel confidence that home-sharing/ home exchange will be the face of travel for 2021 as a key trend moving forward.”

We have committed to growing our platform during this time. Because of that, we want to ensure all travelers, explorers, and everyone in between can continue to connect with users and homes worldwide. In this way, they can plan for future trips and make their dreams a reality. 

Stevens continues:

“As Holiday Swap grows its reputation as one of the fastest-growing home-sharing platforms in the world. [Founder, James] Asquith believes the trend of home exchanges is already taking off and disrupting the travel industry as we know it.” 

People often ask, “Can I swap my home for just $1 per night?” Yes. The whole idea behind Holiday Swap is to make travel affordable and accessible to everyone by breaking down the traditional high-cost barriers. If you haven’t downloaded our free app, check it out today, start exploring and see why we were named “Best Home Sharing Platform” of 2020. The world is at your fingertips (literally)!

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