What to Include in Your Guests’ Welcome Pack

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The welcome pack is one of the most essential things in your vacation rental; it is more than just a primary supply of groceries to keep your visitors fed when they first arrive. A hamper is essentially the first taste of their vacation, an implicit welcome, and that crucial first impression. The very least is a package of biscuits and milk in the refrigerator. Still, nothing beats a thoughtfully assembled basket of treats made using locally produced goods.

So what are the essentials for a great welcome package to set your vacation home apart?

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make your visitors feel at home as soon as they arrive, and making a welcome pack is one of them. Information on the house and its owner will be included in a decent holiday rental welcome package. There will be a section on neighborhood conveniences, including eateries, bars, and shopping. It will consist of emergency contact information, advice on essential appliances, and current details on nearby transportation. While keeping a guest book is usually a pleasant touch, encouraging visitors to post reviews online can significantly increase bookings. These reviews may be used as research by prospective visitors. Don’t forget to check the most affordable holiday alternatives!

1-Offer Beverages and Snacks

After a long drive, guests will probably arrive at your house begging for a cup of tea or coffee and a tempting treat to tide them over until supper. As a result, milk, teabags (preferably local), and a coffee jar are necessities. For a simple dinner, freshly made bread combines nicely with butter, cheese, and eggs. You may consider offering alternative beverages, such as hot chocolate, tea, and coffee. A cold drink or two in the fridge will be particularly welcome on a warm summer’s day.

2-Prepare Contact Information in Case of Emergency

Including emergency contact information in your welcome packet is one of the best methods to ease your guests’ minds. Include the phone numbers for the neighborhood’s doctors, hospitals, and dentists, as well as your contact information and that of your caregiver or handyman. Include the local veterinarians’ phone number if your property is pet-friendly.

Even if most visitors arrive at your cottage by car, it’s a good idea to include information on nearby transportation in your welcome packet. Access to current transportation details, such as taxi numbers and bus schedules, will come in handy for some of your visitors, primarily if you reside in an area with poor mobile reception.

Additionally, since your visitors might not be aware of it, offering quick directions to get to the bus or train station from your house is a good idea.

3-Provide Appliance Instructions

While using the equipment in your cottage may come naturally to you, it can be a tremendous problem for others. Ovens, TVs, and central heating are just a few examples of the gadgets in your vacation home that should come with thorough operating instructions. Even though it may seem unnecessary to include all this information, doing so will save you time and hassle. After all, you don’t want a visitor who can’t turn on the TV to wake you up in the middle of the night!

4-Don’t Forget the Children

While food may be the way to many people’s hearts, it is a good idea to consider other things that can make your guests’ stay more comfortable or keep them entertained.

Most parents are relieved to see a toy box when they arrive, especially since there isn’t much room in the car for luggage while traveling with kids. The notion of amusing kids for a week in a new place is made much more appealing by the promise of toys and games that are unfamiliar to them.

For each youngster in the group, you could want to include an activity book or small present in the welcome basket itself. It would be best to keep them occupied for longer than a few minutes while the adults unpack.

5-Supply Tourist Guides

Including a list of neighboring amenities and attractions in a welcome package is one of the most obvious things to do. It’s a good idea to offer a selection of attractions that appeal to all ages, such as family days out and adult activities, even though most property owners will leave fliers and pamphlets in their cottages.

If you have the time, draw a map showing the locations of the attractions of the cottage, including any that you can personally endorse. Any recommendations you can give from personal experience will benefit your clients, especially if you can direct them to nearby eateries, bars, or takeout where they can have a great meal.

Including a few recent maps of the area might be beneficial if you don’t have the time to make your own. This will make it easier for visitors unfamiliar with the room to find these amenities and activities, especially in places where mobile internet service can be spotty.

6-Don’t Forget the Welcome Gift

After a long automobile ride, you’re exhausted and ready to enter your new vacation house, take off your shoes, and unwind. How delightedly surprised will your clients be if they receive a gift upon arrival? To avoid a last-minute dash to the store after a long flight, consider sending a modest hamper stocked with necessities and home comforts like tea bags, coffee, cookies, and a loaf of bread.

You don’t need to spend much money; having a few essentials and being kind will go a long way. You may make a positive impression by being thoughtful and frugal. And if you want to travel don’t forget to check Top 9 On Budget Vacation Alternatives for your holiday swap!

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