Building a Safer Holiday Swap Community

by 24 Oct 2021How to travel often for less?

Building a safe and secure Holiday Swap community is one of our top priorities. We have been working continuously to improve the safety features and user experience on our app. We want to make swapping more secure than ever. That’s why we have launched even greater new features for you as part of our latest app update for both Android and Apple users. From verifying our users (so you know exactly who you are chatting and swapping with), to including mandatory fields for additional profile information, we hope these features will bring extra peace of mind to all of our swappers. Check them out below!

Updated Profile Section

We have completely redesigned the profile section. You can now fill in additional information about yourself, such as your lifestyle and the countries you have visited so far, so you can show off your personality too and meet over 1.000,000 like-minded users on the Holiday Swap app!

Verified User Status

You can now become a Verified user once you have uploaded your space, and you have completed 3 out of the 5 verification methods. These include verifying your email, phone, Facebook, Google or LinkedIn. Once verified, you can then become a Trusted user!

Trusted User Status

You can also become a Trusted user once you’ve completed a minimum of 3 swaps or hosts and have an average rating of 4 stars.

Extra Profile Information

There are now more mandatory fields you will be asked to fill in before you can swap or host. These include filling in your profile photo, name, age, gender and location (don’t worry, you can keep your age private!) This is to ensure a safer swapping community for us all.

Overall, these latest features will help make the Holiday Swap platform more safe, secure and fun for all our users and we hope you enjoy checking them out! If you are new to Holiday Swap, join our community of travelers worldwide by downloading the free Holiday Swap app here. If you have any questions about the latest update, just drop us an email at

Happy Swapping!

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