Welcome To Bournemouth-UK’s Summer Staycation

by 2 Jan 2023Europe, United Kingdom

If you are working or studying as a student in the UK and thinking about a great vacation plan with beaches, sea sand and summer you may start thinking about Bournemouth as your next destination. Bournemouth is a coastal resort town in the area of Dorset, England. This town has been regularly chosen as the UK’s top coastal destination with its sandy beaches, Jurassic coast, seaside strolls, outstanding activities, nightlife and its own community.

So, let’s start with what Bournemouth-UK offers to its visitors.

What is Essential About Bournemouth?

  1. Its piers: Bournemouth has 2 well-known piers. One is The Boscombe Pier was built in 1889. In 2009 after its renovation, the public declared it Britain’s Coolest Pier and in 2010 the National Piers Society declared it the Pier of the Year. The other one is Bournemouth Pier, which is family-friendly and consists of different types of activities for all. It is also an iconic landmark and appears on many postcards regarding Bournemouth.
  2. Sunny days: In the UK the importance of sunny days is a fact affecting people’s choices and plans. Bournemouth gets an average of 7.7 hours of sunshine on a summer’s day. With its sunny days, beaches and activities this city attracts more than 7 million people every year.
  3. Beach huts: Bournemouth was the location of England’s first public beach hut in 1909. There are almost 2000 beach huts along the beach. Some hunts are private but some are owned by the Bournemouth council and you can rent them on your vacation whenever you want to.
  4. Its beaches: Bournemouth beach owns the international Blue Flag award and it’s basically famous for its beaches. Its golden sands and attractions both on the sand and water are drawing people to this city.

Cost of Living

Bournemouth is one of the most popular seaside destinations in the UK and when you consider the cost of living it may seem higher than the other residential areas but you can shop from the local markets since there are many options.

Schools in Bournemouth

One of the most essential things about Bournemouth is its consistency of international schools. Bournemouth offers and guarantees an excellent education to students all over the world. There are many Language, skill and certification programs and schools in Bournemouth and if you are a student and want to experience Bournemouth you can easily go to our website Holidayswap and find a great home for your program as well as your location.  Home swapping rates and home Exchange options for students in the city is valuable. 


The town is well connected by motorways, public transport links as well as a small local airport. It is also possible to visit London on your travel. It takes an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes to travel from Bournemouth to London Waterloo by train. There are normally 61 trains per day travelling from Bournemouth to London Waterloo. We also need to highlight that, Bournemouth provides three local train stations that connect the town to the rest of the UK. You can also travel to other areas via ferry services. The ferry connects nearby Poole to both Guernsey and Jersey. Living and being in Bournemouth means you can travel across the UK as well.

Travel Plan 

Bournemouth, with its beaches, award-winning pier, gardens, museums, international schools, transportation opportunities to different areas of the UK and beach huts offers everyone a great vacation opportunity. Even if you are a student abroad or a visitor you can enjoy your time in this city and create many remarkable memories. You may find home-swapping options according to your budget and needs via Holiday swap. By using our channel, you can both choose an international house exchange and also rent a house for your stay. Even if it is a short-term house swap or a long-term holiday swap offers you many opportunities and experiences for you even if it is on-budget travel!


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