House Swapping is the New Way to Travel

by 7 Feb 2020How to travel often for less?

Since Hollywood produced the film, The Holiday, home exchange platforms have been on the rise to offer people around the world an alternative to traditional hotel stays. Not only is a holiday swap (or hosting) a much more affordable option to see more of the world, it even has a smaller environmental impact and is more sustainable. You will actually be reducing your greenhouse emissions by 66% when home exchange compared to staying in a hotel! If that is not enough to encourage you, here are a couple of other benefits of Holiday Swap.

Live Like a Local with Holiday Swap

Our platform is designed for users to make social connections and message each other first before booking their trip and making travel plans. Why? This develops user-trust and also ensures you are getting exactly what you are looking for! Once you confirm your swap or that you’ll be hosting a traveler, you can use our chat to exchange the best local tips and tricks of getting around your city and neighborhood. Users share their favorite restaurants, activities, biking routes and more. This helps travelers live like a local and avoid tourist traps.

Low Cost

With Holiday Swap, you are only spending $1 per night, per person in 185 countries or even less with one of our subscription offerings! We want travelers to spend less on accommodation so they can spend more on the things they love. Travelling does not have to be expensive, and with Holiday Swap your home (or second home, or spare room) is your ticket to see the world for a lot less. Home exchange, use the money you save to go sky-diving, upgrade your flights or simply towards your savings!

Your Plants Won’t Die!

You can kindly ask who you are swapping with to simply water your plants or garden, or even feed your cat or pet fish. This way you do not have to frantically find someone before you leave on your trip to ensure your house stays in order.

Is There a Downside of Holiday Swap?

Naturally, people will have concerns when it comes to swapping, but here at Holiday Swap, we will put those concerns to rest. Many people feel they do not want a stranger staying in their home, and we totally get that! This is why we designed our platform to ensure our users speak and create a social connection first. Our personal profiles help users get to know each other first. Swap Facebook and Instagram accounts, learn each other’s favorite holiday destinations and adventures. Not only can you find a respective swapper, but you may find a new friend.

We know that your home is your most important possession, which is why we want to help protect it in case anything goes wrong. We recommend everyone has renter’s and homeowner’s insurance (and fully understanding their policies before they swap), but we also offer a property damage guarantee in case there is any damage. However, not only are you trusting a user to stay in your home, but they are trusting you! We find that house swappers are considerate of others.

Although home exchange takes longer than booking a hotel or using Airbnb, remember that you are also making lasting social connections using our platform. We have spoken to families and individuals who have swapped homes with each other for years. Not only have they become great friends, but they always have a holiday lined up without any of the booking hassles.

Holiday Swap is a leader in the home exchange arena. We have been awarded the best Home Sharing Platform of 2020. Active in 185 countries worldwide, make sure to sign-up for free on our website or by downloading our app to start traveling the world for just $1 per night (or even less with our new subscription offerings!). 

Struggling to Find the Perfect Stay?

Planning your trip just got easier with Holiday Swap!

Let our expert team handpick the perfect accommodation for you from thousands of options, all at affordable prices, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

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