Holiday Swap’s new features to get you swapping! 

by 17 Sep 2021How to travel often for less?

Since 2018 Holiday Swap has strived to make our users’ app experience as seamless as possible by pioneering home-swapping functions. Some of Holiday Swap’s new features are chatting in your own language with our translation functionality. Also, it includes sharing local tips by travelers with MyMaps. Today, with the Holiday Swap App you can swap your space or be a guest in +185 countries and have access to thousands of contacts worldwide. You can have unique travel experiences, for just an admin fee of $1 per night per person. The app is free to download and showcases spaces in the most unusual places in the world. We are giving you the opportunity to travel and save on accommodation costs. In this way, you can utilize that money on the things that you want to do. Because as travelers ourselves, we know you want to do more and see more while getting great value and security with Holiday Swap’s new features. 

Holiday Swap’s big upgrade is now available! It’s the world’s best home swapping platform’s way of updating the software on your existing app for both Android and Apple users.

As the app upgrades, your Holiday Swap experience will change for the better! 

Sure, the Holiday Swap app is great all along – however, the new upgrade release will allow your swapping experience to be as easy as dreaming of a holiday 😉 That’s because the new Holiday Swap app features are coming out to serve what users want. Added ability for you to view more spaces from the onset has started! We at Holiday Swap, have been carefully listening to what our users wanted, and you no longer have to wait to gain full access to the entire app by uploading their spaces and bios. Now, you can go straight into searching the app for desirable locations! It is a win-win for swappers and curious individuals who want to understand more about the “swapping” experience.

Holiday Swap uses this big upgrade to specifically hone in on a completely updated home screen.

Amongst allowing all users to search for spaces straight away, there is a huge emphasis made which offers an easier ability to view all likes and saved spaces. Additionally, you can now toggle between your feed view and the map view with the ability to quick-search listed featured cities. Get inspired for your next adventure by the spaces each city is offering. 

The free app upgrade puts importance first, with space management and the calendar being brought to the forefront. It makes the app easier to manage your selected spaces and future swaps. We understood that users’ calendars were crucial to swapping, with dates playing a huge part when planning your next Holiday Swap. The emphasis on the calendar is all about you as a user understanding your availability better. 

Another key feature is the brand new ‘Matches’ screen. It makes swapping much easier to see your recent matches and chats.

Not to mention the release of the flag addition in the matches section. This handy flag icon will identify the flag representing where your match locates. You should note that you can use full flags if you don’t want to use a profile picture. There are many general UI improvements throughout this app upgrade. It showcases our app’s strength of being a strong competitor for house swapping in 2019.

Overall, the best thing about this app upgrade, is how easy it is for you to get full access to our cool app features. Now, it is the time for you to be part of a community that is about making travel more accessible for everyone!

Make sure to check the new features for yourself. If you have any questions, below you can find more information that will help you get started and connect with +1,000,000 fellow travelers.




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