9 Italian Restaurants You Need to Visit in NYC

by 23 Aug 2022North America, United States of America (USA)

There is a glut of excellent Italian restaurants in New York City, with some of the greatest located in the West Village, the Lower East Side, Bushwick, and Carroll Gardens. Some restaurants have stayed true to their red sauce heritage despite the fact that their surrounding communities have evolved over the course of a century. White linen tablecloths and degustation menus are the hallmarks of a truly elegant dining experience. Fresh pasta can be found at almost as many restaurants as there are residents. We’ve done the legwork for you, so here are our top recommendations for places you must visit for food and tips on making the most of your time there. These are some of the finest Italian dining establishments in New York City. You can also check our NYC Travel Guideline for your trip.

1-Avicolli’s Restaurant – Liverpool 

7839 Oswego Rd.

Liverpool, NY 13090  

(315) 622-5100  

Finger Lakes Region   

Any business conference or function may be made memorable or festive by dining at Avicolli’s. Allow your friends, family, or coworkers to indulge in the world-class Avicolli cuisine. The friendly Avicolli team will pamper them and give them excellent service with a side of friendliness. Your next meeting, celebration, or family get-together should be at Avicolli’s. With the help of QuillBot’s paraphraser, you can rapidly and effectively rework and rephrase your content by taking your sentences and making adjustments!


2-Delmonico’s Restaurant

56 Beaver St.

Manhattan, NY 10004

 (212) 509-1144

New York City Region

Delmonico’s Restaurant, which has been around since 1837, revolutionized how we eat. These people created many now-standard dishes, like baked Alaska, lobster Newberg, and eggs Benedict, and they altered the image of elegant dining in early America. The setting in the financial center has the classic aesthetic of an old-school steakhouse: rich colors, dark woods, and understated luxury to appreciate the substantial Delmonico rib-eye and the Parmesan creamed spinach. Attraction TasteNY.


3-Fino Ristorante Italiano

82 Beaver St.

Manhattan, NY 10005

(212) 825-1924

New York City Region

The Financial District’s Fino Ristorante Italiano has quickly emerged as the destination to be seen and be seen. Fino is drawing a who’s who of the financial industry under the expert leadership of host Peter Vuli. One word best describes the philosophy of Vuli: quality. Your dining experience couldn’t be in more delicate hands, whether it’s the fantastic and creative meal or the attentive service. You can tell right away that you will have a unique eating experience. Vuli ensures that you and your guests will be treated with everything from the cuisine to the flavors, from the service to the entertainment.


4-Altes Downtown

Pizza Owen

200 Spring St.

Manhattan, NY 10012

(212) 431-1212  

New York City Region

If you want real Tuscan food, you don’t need to travel to Italy; head to Spring Street. Locally sourced ingredients are used to make traditional Italian dishes like goat cheese ravioli and Grigliata di Pesce, a grilled seafood medley, on Altesi Downtown’s light, nutritious, and seasonally changing menu. Dine outside at the spacious Altesi Downtown tables on the sidewalk if the weather is agreeable during the more excellent months. Although the wine selection is expertly chosen, true connoisseurs will want to sit at the restaurant’s wine bar, Boutique del Vino.


5-Tarallucci e Vino – Union Square

pasta and ravioli

15 E. 18th St.

Manhattan, NY 10003

 (212) 228-5400 

New York City Region

Every morning, handcrafted pastries are served at this neighborhood Italian restaurant. For lunch, grilled paninis on homemade focaccia and salads are performed, and for dinner, fresh pasta dishes and Italian dishes with regional and seasonal influences are served. The restaurant’s culinary philosophy follows the Italian ideal of using premium ingredients prepared with finesse for a refined outcome. The superb wines they offer are a reflection of their dedication to small-batch, family-run Italian vineyards, many of which are unique to the US.


6-Chazz Palminteri Italian Restaurant

30 W. 46th St.

Manhattan, NY 10036

 (212) 355-5540 

New York City Region

The best pasta, beef, and seafood dishes are served at Chazz Palminteri’s, along with classic Italian desserts and antipasto. The actor and the Empire Steak House founders opened the upmarket Italian restaurant, which features a wine list with nearly 250 selections from across the world and is designed to complement the robust, powerful tastes of traditional Italian cuisine. Also available are Italian and craft beers and specialty cocktails made with spirits and seasonal ingredients.


7-Gargiulo’s Restaurant

2911 W. 15th St.

Brooklyn, NY 11224

 (718) 266-4891

New York City Region

Gargiulo’s, an authentic Italian eatery providing delectable, traditional Neapolitan dishes prepared from heirloom family recipes, is the place to go for a taste of Italy in the heart of Brooklyn. Their meal is prepared in-house with care, using only fresh, premium ingredients. Since 1907, Gargiulo’s has been family-run and operated, making them a Coney Island and Brooklyn institution.


8-Kellari Taverna

19 W. 44th St.

Manhattan, NY 10036

 (212) 221-0144 

New York City Region

The most extensive collection of Greek wines in any United States restaurant may be found at Kellari, a traditional Greek restaurant in Midtown Manhattan close to the Theatre District. They also provide catering for business and private gatherings. Several varieties of entire, grilled, freshly caught fish are featured on the menu, along with grilled lamb chops and a variety of flavorful Greek appetizers. On birthdays and anniversaries, a complimentary bottle of champagne is provided.


9-Anassa Taverna

200 E. 60th St.

Manhattan, NY 10022

 (212) 371-5200

New York City Region

The exquisite rendition of the classic Greek taverna is called Anassa, which means “breath of fresh air” in Greek. The Midtown East restaurant Anassa, which serves prepared fresh seafood and traditional Greek meals, takes customers on a true culinary and cultural journey through the cobblestone streets of the ancient historical area of Plaka.

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