10 Places Every Traveler Need to Visit in Colorado

by 24 Jul 2022North America, United States of America (USA)

Best Places to Visit in Colorado

Located in the midwest, one of the states with the highest high altitudes and known for having great mountains, basins, national parks, and spots to see in a lifetime, Colorado is one of the places you must put on your bucket list. With its hot summers and snowy winters, there is no best time to visit Colorado since there are many places to visit each season! In this article, we offer a list of 10 places you should see before leaving Colorado.


Primarily associated with skiing and winter vacation, Aspen, opposite to the common assumption, is a year-round destination! Filled with tasty restaurants and beautiful views, people with a range of budgets can find something to enjoy in Aspen. Explore the nearby outdoors, where you may hike trails and more, or shop at the upscale stores. The picturesque mountain town also has some history with historical sites like the Wheeler Opera House and institutions like the Wheeler-Stallard House or the Aspen Art Museum. Not just the wealthiest families can have fun in this town. But don’t anticipate an extremely inexpensive trip either.


Denver enables the city’s youthful and energetic residents to use the spectacular Rocky Mountains, which serve as a massive playground outside the city. Here, going skiing in the winter, lacing up your hiking boots in the spring, or riding a mountain bike in the summer are all popular sports. Denver residents enjoy the vibrant art and culture scene at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater when they aren’t out and about, or they indulge in inventive food at one of the city’s trendiest restaurants in the Latimer Square neighborhood. In addition, the town has several wonderful parks, and its intriguing downtown is well worth seeing.

3- Rocky Mountain National Park

Being one of the most popular national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park is home to over 100 mountain peaks, meadows, lakes, and forests filled with wildlife. If you are lucky, you may even encounter some wild residents of the park, such as elks, deers, and bighorn sheep. For the wintertime, Rocky Mountain offers a great view with its magnificent scenery covered with snow and allows its visitors opportunities for cross-country skiing, rager-led tours, and snowshoeing. In the summer, the park is busy with its visitors spending their time camping, horse-riding, fishing, wild-like viewing, and hiking. If you want to witness nature’s beauty with your own eyes, do not skip Rocky Mountain, National Park.

4-Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

As we mentioned the high mountains, we cannot skip the highest sand dunes in North America. Silky sands, amazing Medano Creek, and hiking trails going through the mighty forest on the edge of the dunes offers an excellent spot for visitors. These majestic dunes are one of the views you don’t want to miss, especially at night when you can see the clear sky full of stars!

5- Dinosaur National Monument

Suppose you are interested in nature, history, and seeing the fossils of the enormous creatures that lived before us and the petroglyphs of the people who lived hundreds of years ago in astonishing harmony with the nature around them. In that case, you should visit the Dinosaur National Monument. In exposed rock walls, you can find dinosaur remains yourself! Along with sightseeing all these amazing historical findings, you can spend your day hiking, fishing, rafting, and camping. In Northwest Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument continues to astound its first-time visitors.

6-Mountain Biking Trails near Fruita

Fruita is a town near Grand Junction that allows you to take your bicycle out and wander in the mountains of Colorado. The best part of Mountain Biking Trails near Fruita is the chance to bike even in winter. Normally, the weather conditions limit the time you can enjoy biking through the mountains. However, Fruita offers year-long biking with its mild weather. Do not forget to visit the downtown!

7-Strawberry Park Hot Springs

In the snowy days of Colorado, what is better than relaxing in a hot spring with a hot beverage in your hand? Even though there are various springs, Strawberry Park is special. This spacious hot spring offers a private soaking that’s of its magnitude. Strawberry Park is for you if you want to rest far away from the crowds! Do not pass on the long hikes in nature near the springs before you get into the relaxing water.

8-  Garden of the Gods

Taking its name from a traveler who thought this marvelous place was a perfect fit for the gods, you will understand the spot was perfectly named once you visit. A mixture of red and orange rock formations with vivid green forests displays a wonderful feast for the eyes.

9-Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

Visit Gunnison National Park, the site of the legendary Black Canyon, if you want another national park that breaks the mold and provides something truly unique. The canyon is a pitch-black hue nearly appearing unreal; therefore, the name is no joke. But this canyon is only one more illustration of Colorado’s amazing natural beauty. Amazing cliff drops, the gorgeous Painted Wall cliff, and, if you’re lucky, wildlife spread throughout the park may all be seen as you travel through the canyon. Animals, including elk, deer, and the beautiful golden eagle, are abundant in Gunnison Park.


Breckenridge is a favorite destination for people who enjoy the mountains and skiing. The historic mining town has a fascinating history related to the Gold Rush and has preserved numerous Victorian-era homes and specialty stores that you may enjoy. Due to its location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, roughly two hours outside of Denver, the town has year-round Alpine activities. Visitors adore the town center’s attractive restaurants and shops, but many fall in love with the architecture and atmosphere of the homes.

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