Where to Go in Dubai at Night – Our Top 6 Picks

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Dubai, a city renowned for its breathtaking skyline and luxurious lifestyle, transforms into a vibrant playground when the sun sets. The glittering cityscape, combined with the cool desert breeze, makes exploring Dubai at night an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking to unwind, the city offers an array of night activities that cater to every taste.

We’ll guide you through some of the most captivating places to visit in Dubai at night, highlighting not only night activities but also convenient places to stay. Holiday Swap simplifies finding affordable accommodations, from cheap hotel apartments to holiday homes in Dubai. These options ensure a strategic base for your adventures, blending comfort with cost-effectiveness.

Thus, as we delve into Dubai’s nightlife, Holiday Swap stands ready to enhance your journey. Offering unique and budget-friendly stays, it promises to make every Dubai night magical.



Safari Adventure in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve


Nestled within the vast expanse of the desert, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR) stands as a testament to the UAE’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage. Spanning 225 square kilometres, this protected area is a sanctuary for indigenous wildlife. Among others, you’ll spot Arabian gazelles, camels and the majestic Arabian oryx. With expert guides leading the way, visitors can explore the desert with minimal environmental impact.

For adventure seekers, the Evening Desert Safari in Dubai offers an unforgettable journey through the serene landscape of the DDCR. As the sun dips below the horizon, the Dubai desert transforms, offering a unique glimpse into the desert’s nocturnal life. This experience combines thrilling activities like dune driving and sandboarding with the tranquillity of a dinner under the stars.

After the Dubai desert tour, unwind with a BBQ dinner buffet, set within a traditional Bedouin camp. Moreover, if you want to spend the whole night under the picturesque starry sky, you can also choose the Overnight Desert Safari package. This Arabian adventure is a blend of excitement, cultural immersion, and natural beauty that promises a night to remember. Keep your camera ready for those once-in-a-lifetime shots of the desert’s sprawling dunes!


A camel in the Dubai desert in the evening


Mushrif Park – Horse Riding in Dubai at Night


As for our next suggestion of night activities in Dubai, you may consider an enchanting horse riding night organised by Winners Equestrian Club. Needless to say that their programme offers a unique Dubai desert experience.

Set in Mushrif Park (located in Al Khawaneej St) the largest park in Dubai, this adventure takes you through a natural Ghaf tree forest, where nocturnal animals roam. This holiday destination is one of the city’s most romantic outings. Therefore it’s advisable to book in advance.

This 90-minute journey, perfect for any skill level, starts with horse riding classes to acquaint visitors with their horses. Afterwards, the guided ride meanders through forest paths and sandy dunes, providing a serene view of the desert landscape at night. This experience combines the thrill of horse riding with the beauty of Dubai’s natural surroundings, making it a must-do activity.

For a well deserved resting time, consider staying at one of our Holiday Swap accommodations located near Al Khawaneej Street. This cosy holiday home in Dubai is suited for two guests, making it an ideal choice for couples or solo travellers. Not only is it a fantastic deal, but it also comes equipped with all the utilities you need from a serviced apartment in Dubai. After a challenging horse riding class, this spot promises comfort, a welcoming neighbourhood and a panoramic view of the seaside.



Family Holidays in Dubai Garden Glow


Another perfect location for families to go for in Dubai at night is the Dubai Garden Glow, a dazzling world of lights and colours. This unique attraction features five themed zones: the Glow Park, the Dinosaur Park, the Ice Park, the Art Park, and the Magic Park. With over 10 million energy-saving bulbs and recycled luminous fabric, the spectacle is truly mesmerising. From glowing tulips and butterflies to carved-ice sculptures and 100 animatronic dinosaurs, the variety of attractions is astounding.

Moreover, the park offers live music, has a kids’ zone, and a food alley. The interactive installations and optical illusions ensure fun for visitors of all ages. Even though it’s a grand park, navigating through the Dubai Garden Glow is surprisingly easy, catering to kids and those with accessibility needs.

Garden Glow Park Dubai is not just a feast for the eyes, but also a learning experience about prehistoric times. Entrance is free for visitors with disabilities, kids under 3, and seniors over 60. Open Sunday to Friday from 5 PM to 11 PM and Saturdays and National Holidays until midnight, it’s a magical destination for anyone with time to marvel.


Colourful set in Dubai Garden Glow


Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo


The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, located in the Dubai Mall, is among the top family-friendly places to visit in the city. This attraction, one of the largest indoor aquariums globally, houses a vast array of aquatic life in 10 million litres of water. Given its popularity with tourists, we recommend visiting the aquarium in the evening to avoid the bustling crowds. The aquarium is open from 10AM to 11PM on weekdays, extending its opening hours to midnight over the weekend.

Visitors can marvel at the underwater world, including penguins, piranhas, and jellyfish. The Underwater Zoo also features special exhibits like ‘UAE’s Night Creatures,’ exploring desert nightlife. For an interactive experience, Dubai Aquarium tickets can include the Junior or Senior Aquarist programmes. These activities offer kids a hands-on look at marine biology, from shark feeding to cage snorkelling, by combining education with entertainment.

Booking with Holiday Swap you are guaranteed to find the best family-friendly holiday homes in Dubai. Immerse yourself in the heart of the city at this centrally positioned apartment on Burj Dubai Boulevard. You’ll find yourself steps away from the Burj Khalifa building, the Dubai Mall, and an array of restaurants offering picturesque fountain views. This modern hotel apartment in Dubai boasts a stylish exterior and timeless interior, providing access to adult and kids swimming pools, plus a state-of-the-art gym.


People admiring the Dubai Aquarium


Nightlife in Dubai – Fountain Lake Ride


Embark on a mesmerising journey at the Dubai Fountain, the world’s largest musical fountain, especially if you want to experience the nightlife in Dubai without stretching your budget. Just outside the Dubai Mall, this spectacular show on Burj Khalifa Lake is a must-see for all. As evening falls, witness the fountain’s water dance to an eclectic mix of music, from classical to contemporary Arabic tunes.

For an up-close experience, the Fountain Boardwalk invites guests to stroll just 9 metres away from the fountains. This offers a new perspective on the captivating display. Additionally, there are several pubs and restaurants with Dubai Fountain view. For instance, Tribes Carnivore, Joe’s Café, Tulum and the Tap House Downtown (Souk Al Bahar) are all perfect for those seeking a memorable dining experience. The Dubai Fountain show times run from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM every 30 minutes. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience!


Burj Khalifa behind the Dubai Fountain Show


Dubai Opera Shows


Dubai Opera became a leading art centre in the Middle East, making the country a key player on the international cultural stage. The 2,000-seat multi-format theatre is set to redefine night entertainment in Dubai, by showcasing top-notch artistic performances.

Its unique architectural design, featuring electronically adjustable floors and walls, accommodates a diverse array of concerts, exhibitions, operas, banquets, conferences, and theatre performances. Secure your Dubai Opera tickets and immerse yourself in global creative expressions!


Dubai Opera at night reflected in the lake


Discover Nightlife in Dubai with Holiday Swap


Dubai at night offers a world of enchantment, from exciting desert safaris to vibrant underwater worlds. Our journey through Dubai’s nightlife showcases destinations perfect for holidays to Dubai, including family-friendly adventures.

For those planning a trip to Dubai, Holiday Swap is your go-to platform for booking the best serviced apartments in Dubai. These accommodations provide the ideal backdrop to your night time adventures, ensuring comfort and convenience. Let Holiday Swap enhance your Dubai holidays, making every moment under the city’s starlit sky truly unforgettable.

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