The Best Chinese Airlines: Your Holidays to China in 2024

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Which Chinese Airline is the Best?


Embarking on a journey to China, a land brimming with ancient history, modern marvels, and breathtaking landscapes, is an adventure like no other. However, the journey to this enchanting land begins long before you set foot on its soil. It starts the moment you choose your airline.

Selecting one of the best Chinese airlines is not just about finding cheap airline tickets to China. Whether you’re planning a China family vacation or seeking tickets to your Shanghai holiday destination, these airlines promise a journey as memorable as the destination itself.


Best Chinese Airlines: Pioneers of the Skies


In recent years, the best Chinese airlines have soared in the global market. These airlines are not just a choice but a preference for international travellers seeking high standards of service. As we plan our China holidays in 2024 or beyond, understanding the offerings of these airlines becomes crucial.

When choosing an airline, several factors come into play. Safety records, customer service, in-flight amenities, and value for money are not just check-boxes. They are pillars that define a good airline.


Premium Class Showdown: Eva Air vs Air China vs China Airlines


Eva Air

  • Eva Air Business Class: Offers flat-bed seats, direct aisle access, high-quality dining options, and luxurious amenities. The service is attentive, and passengers have access to a wide selection of entertainment options.
  • Eva Air Premium Economy: Known as Elite Class, it offers wider seats and more legroom than standard Economy. Passengers benefit from priority boarding, an enhanced meal service, and an upgraded entertainment system. Read more on this Eva Air premium economy review.


Air China

  • Air China Business Class: Offers fully flat beds on most long-haul flights, with a focus on privacy and comfort. The dining service includes both international and Chinese cuisines, and the entertainment options are extensive.
  • Air China Premium Economy: Provides more space and legroom than regular Economy, along with additional baggage allowance, priority boarding, and a superior meal service. However, the Premium Economy cabin is not available on all routes. Learn more details from Air China Reviews.


China Airlines

  • China Airlines Business Class: Best known for its spaciousness and privacy. It offers lie-flat seats, fine dining with multi-course meals, and a wide range of entertainment options. The service is personalised and attentive.
  • China Airlines Premium Economy: Offers extra legroom and seat width compared to Economy. It also includes additional amenities like enhanced meal service, a larger personal entertainment screen, and increased baggage allowance. 


Check-in and Baggage Policies

  • Eva Air Check-In & Baggage: Provides online check-in 48 hours before departure. Eva Air’s baggage policy is generous, allowing 1 carry-on plus 1 personal item. Eva air’s international checked baggage allowance varies, typically two pieces for Economy/Premium Economy and two or three for Business. Fees may apply for excess baggage.
  • Air China Check-In & Baggage: Air China’s international check-in starts 36 hours before departure. Air China’s baggage allowance is generally liberal. It offers 1 carry-on bag and a checked baggage allowance of one or two pieces for Economy and two or three for Business. Air China’s limited baggage allowance may apply for certain fare types or routes.
  • China Airlines Check-In & Baggage: Allows online check-in 48 hours prior. The baggage policy is similar to Eva Air, with 1 carry-on and generous checked baggage allowances, usually two pieces for Economy/Premium Economy and two or three for Business.


Unique Features: Beyond Just Flying

These airlines don’t just fly; they enhance the travel experience with unique features. Eva Air offers amenities like Eva Air WiFi and the Eva Air flight tracker, ensuring maximum connectivity.

For those looking to indulge, the Eva Air upgrade service and Eva Air cargo tracking are testaments to their commitment to customer service.

Meanwhile, China Airlines lounges, especially the renowned China Air lounge in SFO, provide a luxurious and comfortable space.


Safety and Flight Experience

Safety is paramount, and airlines like China Airlines and Eva Air take it seriously. Questions like ‘is China Airlines safe?’ or ‘is Air China a good airline?’ are answered through their impeccable safety records and customer testimonials.

Comparisons like ‘China Airlines vs Eva Air from passengers provide valuable insights into the overall flight experience, ensuring that your choice is well-informed.


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