Simple steps to save money for your next trip (Survival manual)

by 23 Apr 2019How to travel often for less?

By Harry from Grec on Trek

During the past few weeks, in many discussions, I had with friends and family, the subject that always comes up is how is it possible to go on your dream trip? To go on a trip you dreamed of, all you need to do is get organized – especially with your finances!

Many friends of mine have mentioned that the most common problem, they have faced, has two dimensions. One of them is when somebody has money, they may not have a travel companion (solo travel is not for everyone). Or when someone has company, there is no money.

If you find yourself in the second category (in the first one, you only need a little push to move forward and do it), I would recommend saving and creating a budget to travel (since you may have your team of co-travellers ready.) Saving an amount of money doesn’t come naturally to the human mind. But when there is a far-reaching and, at the same time, medium-term goal, there is more motivation.


Organize your finances

Take a look at your bank account status and your weekly expenses. You can come up with a better plan to cut expenses and save for your next trip. You can easily begin to record your daily expenses to get a picture of your spending habits, either in writing or even on an app on your mobile (on a normal level – don’t become another Scrooge!) Soon you will see changes in the way you manage your money.


Start saving

After assessing the situation, start to evaluate how much you can spend from the money you have. Every month you can start putting some money aside for your future travel plans. Start with a small amount and increase the amount every couple of months. You can even open a savings account and add some money to it each month.


Work on your spending habits

Make it a part of your routine to stop spending money where you don’t have to.  For some, it can be a pack of cigarettes, for others a coffee from the shop instead of preparing at home or at work or maybe a visit to the bakery on the way to work. If you count the money that will be put aside each month, you will be surprised by the amount you can easily save!


Save on entertainment

Have some friends at your place (if possible) for coffee, organize themed nights, visit places with free admission, and look for other free or affordable activities in the city. There are several choices that will allow you to have fun while saving some money! I’m not telling you to stop visiting the bars and clubs completely, but you can reduce the frequency of spending money at these places every month.


Start cooking more at home

Avoid eating out and cook at home. Are you concerned that your culinary skills may be limited? There is always room for improvement! You will also gain extra skills and, why not, discover a hidden talent! It is also a good thing to prepare more food so you can take leftovers to work. This will limit your frequent morning visits to your bakery or favourite restaurants in the neighbourhood.


Limit your shopping

I have a rule for myself: whenever I go shopping at the supermarket, I have a list written on my Smartphone, so I won’t drift into buying something unnecessary. Even seasonal discounts are an opportunity when you want to do some shopping. The same shirt you like, in a few months, it can be at half price, just be a little patient. Lastly, choose things based on what you actually need! This applies to clothes, shoes, and electronics.


Use a piggy bank

Remember that piggy bank you had and now it only has dust on it? If not, treat yourself (get a piggy bank) and start feeding it. Some prefer coins and others with deeper pockets also throw some banknotes. When you are forced to break the piggy bank, you will be pleased with the amount you have saved for your next trip.

At the end of the day, every “journey” is different, and you will realize, that it was worth cutting your expenses and all those sacrifices you made for your next trip. These tips might seem simple, but for many, it gets difficult to implement them in real life, especially to make them part of their life or as a habit. Needless to say, to succeed, you only need a plan and persistence. What did we say about that trip to Barcelona?


About Harry:

A backpacker/amateur photographer. When Harry doesn’t research the past, he writes for the present and makes plans for the future. Mostly those, which include flight tickets, different cultures, and different flavours.

If you want more travel tips, make sure to follow Harry on his blog or on his social profiles:



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