Holiday Swap and Rentals United Join Forces to Revolutionise Global Accommodation Rentals

by 25 Mar 2024News

[London, 01 April] – Holiday Swap, the leading platform for hassle-free vacation exchanges, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Rentals United, a pioneer in property management and distribution solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in simplifying the process of renting accommodation for customers worldwide.

The synergy between Holiday Swap and Rentals United brings a unique opportunity for users to experience a seamless and efficient booking process. By integrating Rentals United’s innovative property management services into the Holiday Swap platform, customers can now enjoy an enhanced and user-friendly experience when searching for and booking accommodations.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Streamlined Booking Process: The integration of Rentals United’s advanced property management services into Holiday Swap’s platform aims to streamline the booking process, providing users with real-time availability and instant booking confirmation.
  • Global Accessibility: This partnership enables Holiday Swap to expand its offerings, providing users with a more extensive and diverse range of accommodations across the globe. Rentals United’s extensive network of properties complements Holiday Swap’s commitment to offering unique and unforgettable travel experiences.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The collaboration seeks to create an unparalleled user experience, combining the best features of both platforms. Users will benefit from the seamless integration of Holiday Swap’s intuitive interface with Rentals United’s robust property management and distribution capabilities.
  • Empowering Hosts: The partnership not only benefits travellers but also empowers hosts by making it easier for them to manage their listings and enhance visibility on a global scale.


  • Andy Mcginlay, COO  at Holiday Swap: “We are excited to partner with Rentals United to bring a new level of convenience to our users. By combining our strengths, we aim to make renting accommodations a breeze for customers worldwide.”


About Holiday Swap: Holiday Swap is a leading platform that connects like-minded travellers for hassle-free vacation rentals. With a user-friendly interface and a global community, Holiday Swap is committed to making travel more accessible and enjoyable.

About Rentals United: Rentals United is a pioneering platform offering property management and distribution solutions for property owners and managers. With a vast network of accommodations, Rentals United is dedicated to simplifying the rental process for hosts and providing a seamless experience for travellers.

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Andy McGinlay, COO,

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