Every year families from across the globe look forward to spending time together during their annual leave. Family holidays are a great refreshing break from the daily routines of work and school drop-offs and festivities. Whether you are looking for some sun, a city break or an adventure. Going somewhere new with your family is shown to improve relationships, and health, and ease tensions and stress. Most importantly build new, lasting memories.

With Holiday Swap, you can save money on accommodation. With the opportunity to use that extra holiday budget for getting a flight upgrade. You can hire a car to explore further around your destination or some nice dinners! Family holidays typically find that it is best to swap with another family. If it is around the same size to ensure there will be enough space and child-friendliness, it is the perfect option . House swapping is a great and affordable option compared to costly hotel stays. Want to cook a few meals at home, have a family move-night in or have the option of doing some laundry? No problem! With Holiday Swap, you can make yourself at home on holiday.

“The Holiday Swap platform is uniquely designed for users to create a social connection.”

They speak together first before they book or plan their trip. This creates trust among users and also gives you the time to ask any questions you may have. Once you confirm your swap, make sure to ask for the best local tips. It can be day-trips, places to eat and what to see. We love when families share their favorite activities to do with their kids on our platform!  

Don’t forget! With our subscription offerings, you get a guest for free. Also, you can instantly start a chat with any space you see on our platform! We also provide a property damage and trip cancellation guarantee. You can opt into, to protect your family holiday and home swap from beginning to end.

Pro Travel Tip:

Make sure to take a look at our in-app map, MyMaps to see the best local recommendations from users around the world! There are also great Facebook communities and groups for parents in different neighborhoods so you can find the best things to do on your family holiday. 

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