North America Travel Guide

Everything you should know about travelling to North America

Exploring North America, the Land of Opportunity

Welcome to North America, the world’s third largest continent after Asia and Africa, where natural wonders, rich cultures and exciting adventures await you. This fascinating continent, blending the rugged landscapes of Alaska, the buzz of music, art and culture with the vibrant life of cosmopolitan cities, should be on every travel enthusiast’s list.

North America is a continent where adventure knows no bounds, and each day brings a new chapter to your journey. Prepare to be captivated by North America, where limitless possibilities await. With its stunning landscapes, diverse cultures, mouthwatering cuisine, and a multitude of languages, North America has something for every type of traveler. The beauty of exploring North America on a budget is that it not only is possible but also incredibly rewarding.

North America in Numbers

Here are some interesting stats about North America:



Population (millions)

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Geographical Highlights of North America: A Continent of Diversity

Stretching from the Arctic Circle in the north to the sunny shores of the Caribbean in the south, North America is an extraordinarily diverse continent. The continent contains 57 people per square kilometer and comprised of 23 countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, and numerous vibrant island nations, North America offers a surprising variety of experiences.

North America unfolds into five distinct regions, each with its unique allure: the Mountainous West, home to the iconic Rocky Mountains; the fertile Great Plains, often called the “Breadbasket of North America”; the rugged Canadian Shield with its stunning rock formations and lakes; the Eastern Region, graced by the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic coastal plain; and the Caribbean, a captivating archipelago boasting over 7,000 islands.

This northern region includes everything between the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico; to the west is the Pacific Ocean and to the east is the Atlantic. Whether chasing the mystical Northern Lights in Fairbanks, sampling street tacos in Mexico City, or walking the Brooklyn Bridge that spans Manhattan and Brooklyn, North America promises adventure as vast as its landscapes.

North America Travel Tips

Research Visa and Entry Requirements: Visa requirements for North America vary by country and stay duration. Visit the official embassy or consulate website for up-to-date information, avoiding third-party services for reliability.

Currency and Money Matters: Familiarize yourself with local currencies, carry some cash for initial expenses, and use cards in urban areas.

Take Your Health Precautions: Check vaccination and health requirements for your destination. Carry necessary medications and consider travel insurance. Vaccinations may be needed for certain North American regions

Making the Right Choice for Travel: Plan local transport in North American cities or regions. Domestic flights are comprehensive but may miss scenic views. Consider renting a car, RV, or using rail services.

Remember to Include Gratuities: Tipping is customary in North American countries. In the US and Canada, 10-15% is typical at restaurants. In Mexico, you can tip in US dollars or pesos.

Packing Essentials: Pack according to the climate and activities. Bring clothing, gear, adapters, and a reusable water bottle.

Accommodation Choices: Choose from various accommodations based on your budget and preferences. Booking in advance is wise during peak seasons.

Local Cuisine: Explore diverse North American cuisine, try local dishes, street food, and seek recommendations from locals.

Sustainable Travel: North America promotes sustainable tourism, with destinations like Vancouver, Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Long Point Biosphere Reserve, and more leading eco-friendly initiatives.