September 22, 2021

A Message from the Holiday Swap CEO

CEO of Holiday Swap, James Asquith shares his thoughts on home swapping.

After travelling to every country and picking up a Guiness World Record in the process, I realised there were so many people looking for a way to travel further and more affordably.  So that’s when, in 2017, we started Holiday Swap.  Since then we’ve grown to 185 countries offering users more and more options every single day as we continue to expand.  Now we are the largest home exchange platform (by users) allowing a peer to peer marketplace where people can save on the cost of accommodation and swap their homes almost anywhere in the world.  Holiday Swap allows people to travel to places they didn’t think possible and save money in the process which gives them more to spend on the experiences they love.  Since the pandemic we’ve seen a shift in people wanting to do staycations, regional and domestic travel and beyond, but most importantly we’ve seen people want to save money and stay somewhere safe and enjoyable, like a home in the countryside. The next 12 months will be a very exciting time as we aim to offer millions more homes around the world.  We are so glad you’ve joined our growing community and can’t wait to get you travelling again!  Happy swapping!