By: Esther of Nextination

That Bali is incredibly pretty we all know that, right? And that is super photogenic, we also know that, so, if you are planning to visit it, you can not miss the most photographed spots in the island. Here I share some of them:

1. Tegenunan Waterfall

Who has not seen photos of Bali and its so many and magical waterfalls? One of them is this, the Tegenunan waterfall , near Ubud and close to the “Monkey Forest”.

2. El Cabrón Restaurant

This pool lounge club / restaurant (owned by a Spaniard) has a Mediterranean Ibiza-like twist in the middle of Bali. You can enjoy the amazing views high on a cliff all day long. You can even bathe in the pool at sunset while enjoying one of their cocktails to the rhythm of their DJs or you can go eat as we did and enjoy its quiet atmosphere and its magnificent mediterranean-spanish cuisine. It is best to book a table through their website: It opens from 11.20 a.m. to 10 p.m.

3. Tropical Fruits

One of the most photographed things in Bali are fruits. Get one of their tropical fruits such as this one called Dragon Fruit which is Pink and is super photogenic. Also, you can get one of the thousand coconuts that they are in the island 😉

4. Infinity Pools

One of the most amazing things in Bali is to book a hotel with one of those marvelous infinity pools with a view of the jungle and the “Check” in your “Bucket List”. What are you waiting for?

5. Indonesian Food

If you are those who like to photograph the food, you’ll love Bali since almost every place and plate is super photogenic. Besides that, the Indonesian food is super yummy! Now, the vegan food is very trendy in the island that is why there are a lot of healthy restaurants.

6. The Temples

The Temples in Bali are constantly photographed and there is no need to say why, they are too beautiful to be true. I recommend you to visit at least these ones: Batuan TempleGoa GajahPura Gunung LebahUluwatu, Tanah Lot and the last one but one of the most impressive ones, Besakih Temple.

8. The Beaches

We can not forget the beaches. Bali has some amazing beaches white sand in a beautiful turquoise-blue sea and waves, well known by surfers. One of the most beautiful one is Padang Padang Beach . I loved that one beacuse it was one of the spots where the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” was filmed.

9. Rock Bar Bali

This is one of the places that I liked most in Bali in terms of views: Rock Bar Bali. The best time to go is certainly in the evening since it has one of the most beautiful sunsets of the island. Who can resist to drink literally on the rocks? 😉

10. Campuhan Ridge Walk

One of the places that is becoming one of the most photographed ones is this walk along the top of the hills in Ubud from where you can see rice fields, part of the surrounding forest and many, many palm trees. It is a really amazing walk.

11. La Plancha

One of the most incredible places where you have a drink at sunset is La Plancha in the area of ​​Seminyak. You can sit near the sea, in one of their chairs in the sand, under a colorful umbrella while sipping a cocktail listening to good music and having the waves in the background. Is it the perfect ending to a day in Bali?

12. Sea Circus Restaurant

Bali has hundreds of places where you can eat or have a drink. To be honest, the decoration of all the places in Bali is really amazing. One of the most photographed places is “Sea Circus” for its colorful walls and its beautiful interior.

13. Coffee Plantation

Drink up on the Best Coffee Bali has to offer. For coffee fanatics or otherwise, trying Bali’s special coffee brew is a definite experience no one should miss. You definitely have to plan a trip to one of the many coffee farms! Watch as friendly locals show you the coffee roasting process, crushing of beans; and finally, brewing in water with additional herbs in order to provide you with a great cup of Kopi, herbal ginger tea, coffee ginseng, coconut coffee and more.

14. Hotel Mexicola Restaurant

The most beautiful Mexican restaurant in the world! It is the first thing thay anyone think when you eat inside. The outside does not do any justice but once you are inside there’sa beautiful and large patio with tables and a two-storey building. It is full of decoration, neon signs, there is a good music and an incredible atmosphere. In addition, the food is just so good and the staff is excellent. I certainly recommend it so much.

15. Rice Fields

There is nothing more amazing in Bali that explore its rice fields. There are several, but the most famous is called Tegalalang and it is so easy to explore due to its proximity to Ubud. It is true that depends on what season you visit Bali, landscape changes but it is really amazing in any season. Have you been ever in a rice field?

I hope that you liked this post. I came back completely in love with the island. I’d love to go back soon ’cause I couldn’t visit some places in the island so I can’t wait to be back and explore it more. Anyway, stay tuned for my next post about Bali.

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