What is Holiday Swap?

Holiday Swap is a tool designed by travellers to allow users to make connections around the world with like-minded travellers. Sign up for free and swap your property or even bedroom directly with avid travellers anywhere in the world. After all, your house may be vacant when you travel so why not stay in someone else's?

Why choose Holiday Swap?

Holiday Swap was designed by a team who have travelled to all 196 countries in the world. We know travel, and from our experience, we know what you want. Because of our community on the app globally, we will also listen to what you want in an ever evolving world and adapt to make the world your oyster.

How much does it cost?

The app is free to download and free to subscribe to. Your first swap will be free if you use the free sign-up promo codes that will be available from time to time. When you actually swap accommodation it will cost just $1 per bed a night in admin fees. So swapping a two bedroom house for a week will cost just $14 and there are no hidden fees.

Who will I swap with?

That's completely up to you, and them! Our savvy social media tool allows users to branch out their connections across the world, and you can filter out who can propose a swap with you. For example, if you have a 3 bedroom place, and are only wiling to swap for a minimum of 3 bedrooms, then you can set this as a minimum filter. Users can also filter out location.

Can I swap a 1 bedroom studio for a 4 bedroom house?

Sure, as long as the other side agrees to it, and has their filters so someone with a property with less bedrooms than them can connect and swap. 

What is 'Always bag packed' option?

This revolutionary tool allows users to filter by number of bedrooms and continent(s). Then search the world and Explore More. You don't need any particular dates in mind that you are looking to Swap, you can simply use the app's social media tool to link up your accommodation with like-minded travellers, and start discussing when you may want to swap in the future. Essentially, this tool allows you to not only discover destinations in the world you may have never previously considered, but also allows you to make connections throughout the world.